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Smaller sports need student support

Emily Casady, Guest Reporter

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With football going far in the playoffs, girls basketball ranked number two in the state, and softball going to state last year, there’s been some pretty big crowds.

But there seems to only be big crowds at football games and boys basketball games. Last year, with softball going to state, crowds didn’t start showing up until the last game vs. Cedar Park, when the girls played in the semi-finals and when they went to state.

Everyone should go watch other teams play because it shows school spirit, and it gets the athletes pumped as they see a huge crowd there to support.

Because football is the biggest sport in the school, of course more people, like athletes, will go to watch. But why can’t there be big crowds like those at football games at soccer or baseball games?

Of course there’s always going to be games where they’re either too far or plans are made on the night of the game, but there’s always the next game or ones that are closer. Being that every athlete is part of some program, they are all still apart of the school’s athletic program and represent the school. All sports matter and like football, every team appreciates that other sports care about them, and they love your support. Despise the weather that some sports run into? The athletes still have to show up and play, so why not a student section? Our student section is important to us, and we always want to have the biggest and loudest. There more games that athletes show up to support, the bigger the crowd, louder the stands, and the better student section we have because we will be known as the school that supports more than one sport.

Every game matters to our school and every win counts. Let’s get some crowds filled with other athletes, out to some more games to show school spirit and that every athlete matters.

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