‘Wayfarer’ takes reader on time travel adventure

Vanessa Anderson, Guest Reporter

Books about times travel are rare to come by. That’s because time travel is so difficult to explain, and the author must come up with a reasonable and semi-logical way of creating and incorporating time travel into a book. Alexandra Bracken managed to accomplish one of the most difficult things to write about and fluidly weaved it into a fascinating plot with captivating characters. Wayfarer captures time travel in its most epic form and, although confusing at times, flows in a way that many will love. Alexandra Bracken’s writing style in her Darkest Minds series is drastically different from Wayfarer. While her Darkest Minds series was casual and a bit funny, Wayfarer is formal and professional, with little to no humor. Seeing a change in writing style from any author, especially such a drastic change, is always interesting and typically, the author’s new writing style is much better than their previous. But her formal and professional writing style makes Wayfarer slow-going and rather difficult to truly understand her characters, but the plot and intense moments will make up for these flaws and open the mind into switching gears from character-driven books to plot-driven book.
Being a time travel book, the characters are often traveling to different towns in different timelines. This required extensive research on certain points of history, and Alexandra Bracken incorporated what she learned or already knew into Wayfarer accurately and effectively. But it also gives this book multiple settings, which allows the characters to experience different things from different times giving the reader a better understanding of what her characters might do in certain situations.
Wayfarer is a plot driven book with one of the most difficult topics to write explained flawlessly, and it fully deserves 4.5 stars. Alexandra Bracken wrote her book with thorough historical research at her disposal, and incorporated it in a epic and natural way. The writing style could make this book enjoyable for both teenagers and adults. Wayfarer is the book that will go beyond a reader’s expectations.

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