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Ed Sheeran Creates Global Sound

Nick Dunn, Reporter

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Ed Sheeran dropped an album on March 3 entitled “Divide.” Recently the singer-songwriter decided to take a year off from work and go find inspiration for the album. What the world received after the long-awaited music was not only an amazing album, but one containing music from around the globe.

After his release of ‘X’ or “Multiply” back in 2014, Sheeran traveled the world on tour capping it off with three solo performances at Wembley Stadium. From the three nights of wonder, he created a concert film of the shows known as “Jumpers for goalposts.”

In an interview after the shows, Sheeran said he asked himself what was next, and the obvious solution was to take a year traveling and getting back to the roots of his music. The album shows obvious inspiration from different countries. Track 14, a song called “Bibia Be Ye Ye” has words in the ‘Twi’ language from Ghana. The title translates to “All Will be Well”.

Sheeran also brought back his own sound which he spent years crafting. Songs like

Castle on the Hill, a song of moments from his childhood and a longing for home, really show that while his music has shifted tones a bit, it’s still the same guy many know and love.

The album opens strong with the song Eraser in which he raps about the hard parts of his career that people in the public don’t get to see. The song has a powerful riff at the start and the song itself is intense. For a station called “SBTV” he released an extended version of the song which is my favorite with lyrics like “I wish my team could see their kids on their birthdays, but yo, we’re on tour and I wish I’d grown more, wish I told more people that I love ’em but it’s in the music that I’m known for” which make the song one of the most memorable on the album.

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Ed Sheeran Creates Global Sound