Senior Spotlight: Mikey Alvord and the life of an aspiring sports journalist

Living and breathing for Alabama football and watching college sports every Saturday, senior Mikey Alvord feels at home on the field. 

Alvord has watched football and understands the game so well that he knows what a great play looks like. As an iReporter for FLX ATX, Alvord has to know when and what to record and capture the right moment, which has benefited the varsity football team so they can see their accomplishments. 

“It is a passion for me,” Alvord said. “I would like to do this in the future as a job. probably for a college sports team because I enjoy college sports.” 

Alvord’s favorite college team is the University of Alabama. He has grown up watching them since his parents went to college there. He watched the football team win six national championships. He would enjoy being a part of the atmosphere and being with the team he enjoys watching the most.  Alvord hopes to see a national championship game in the future. 

“When I first got asked [to film], I was a little nervous because I was younger and I have not done anything like that before but I was also excited at the opportunities it could give me for the future,” Alvord said. 

Filming helps Alvord connect with the team, coaches and fans. He is able to capture the best highlights and is able to represent them in a new way. Being able to have this role at a young age helped push forward his career.

“My sophomore year, the other team tied it up at the end and there was one second left. I knew we were going to throw it a Hail Mary from our own 30,” Alvord said. “I go to the opposite end zone and I am recording from the back. He tosses it up, time is out and catches the Hail Mary for the win, and I was right there.” 

Barstool Sports is a media company that’s main focus is sports. Most of their posts include popular moments in sports and the usual target for comedic laughs. Alvord said he would enjoy working within Barstool Sports because of his comedic personality and passion for sports. 

“I would like to do this in the future as a job, probably for a college sports team or ESPN or a network. ESPN would be cool, but I would like to land a job for Barstool sports. They seem laid back, and I like all of their social media personalities,” Alvord said. 

Alvord is looking forward to the future and continuing his work within sports media. He truly enjoys the work he does. 

“After this year FLX ATX  are going to keep me as an intern and I will work in the studio. Hopefully that will catapult me into a position where I can work for a major network such as barstool sports and that’s the goal,” Alvord said. 

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