C2 Hosts the Fall Forum for Change

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C2 Hosts the Fall Forum for Change

Kyra Banks, Guest Reporter

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C2 hosted the Fall Forum for Change on Nov. 8 to get students and teachers energized about sustaining an environment where discrimination is not tolerated.

“The forum is a district-wide day of events at a designated school that is aimed toward decreasing bullying and collaborating with others,” sponsor Erin Stott said. “The ultimate goal is to have these skills follow you throughout your life.”

There are many C2 clubs in the Leander school district, and every year a different school hosts the forum. Stott said there are two forums every year, one for each semester.

“Our theme this year was ‘Be the Change’,” Stott said. “We had lots of activities that helped the students bond.”

There were multiple LISD schools that attended the forum including all the high schools, all of the middle schools and some of the elementaries.

“There were about 700 people that came, it was great,” Stott said. “All of the students seemed to be invested in what they were doing and that made me happy.”

The coordinator of the event was student Konnor Kearney. Kearney was in charge of five elementary students, three middle schoolers, and two high students, who seemed to enjoy everything that they did.

“My experience with my group was kind of weird, but really cool at the same time because I learned other people’s stories and they were very invested and loved everything we did,” Kearney said. “I also got to inspire others which was really good.”


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