The Wonders of Diversity Club

Seejin Kim, Reporter

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What better way is there than to end your Monday afternoon by learning about cultures around the world and eating free food? If you can’t resist this, then stop by Diversity Club! Diversity Club is a cultural club where anyone can come and enjoy various food, view interesting and engaging presentations, and be surrounded by good company.

Senior Monica Orona (secretary) and Min Hwang (president) has been serving in the Diversity club for four years, arranging their schedule and many other events.

“Our club is definitely for those who are interested in learning about many different countries and cultures around the world,” Orona said. “It gives new people, especially foreign exchange students, a chance to fit in, get to know and make new friends.”

There has been a variety of countries that have been presented in the club, such as the Philippines, South Korea, Taiwan, Germany, Spain, Austria, France, Mexico, and much more.

“Every monday we meet and the presenter goes up to display their country,” Orona said. “While they present, officers would hand out food that the presenter has brought. These specific types of food are native to their place.”

Diversity Club has been encouraging students to accept their unique culture. Some special and hidden charms of these different customs has and will be revealed, allowing people to further appreciate the beauty of a diverse world.

“People shouldn’t be scared to communicate in different mindsets with each other,” Hwang said. “In fact, it should be embraced because we can learn a lot more about each other and how they view the world. So, come to Diversity Club and become friends with someone you least expected to be with! And besides, who doesn’t want delicious free food?”

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