TikTok has Taken Over


Mia Beacom and

Spin Offs normally are not better than the original, but Tiktok has made a bigger impact than Musical.ly. The app Tiktok has more than 500 million users versus the original Musical.ly with only over 100 million users. TikTok has taken over some students lives. Most of the aesthetics, jokes and memes now come from TikTok. People now call it the new Vine. 

“Every five seconds, I’m always on it. I swear all my screen time goes to it,” sophomore Katelyn Kreinke said. 

TikTok takes up a lot of time and is addictive. The process of making them can take time to achieve the perfection the TikToker wants. 

“I make videos I saw other people make and then try to come up with original ideas,” sophomore Cameron Park said. “It definitely takes up a lot of my day. I’m on there a lot, so maybe a little obsessed. I am on it at least one time during a class.” 

Park is TikTok famous with 18,500 followers. He became famous by making videos for fun, that others would find funny too. He said he had no idea that he would get so many followers from making videos. 

TikTok is an excuse to make exciting videos with friends. However, not all videos are respectful toward others. Most students said it can be a safe place, if it is used just for light humor.

“Some people can turn a video into something bad or something bad on it. So it just depends,” Kreinke said.

Park said it is a safe place for everyone, because it is about making videos that you like.

When using the app, users can decide what videos to watch, what people to follow and who follows them. If there is a video that the user doesn’t like, they can report it. 

“I love TikTok. I can not think of my favorite because they are all hilarious.” junior Camrynne Agapiou said.


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