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Random Ranger: Kaylin Tam

Seejin Kim, Reporter

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Kaylin Tam (12)

Q. What are some memorable moments from winter break?

A. I played basketball, watched the movie Sing, went to see some model homes, and ate a lot of food. I also visited my relatives, which was pretty nice.

Q. How is your school year going so far?

A. It’s been great so far! First semester was stressful because of SAT and ACT scores. I also was tired from the anticipation of which colleges I got accepted into. My grades were nice and steady, though. Second semester is lot more relaxing.

Q. What activities do you participate in campus?

A. I’m currently in Diversity club as the president, Sci-Fi Fantasy club, UIL Social Studies, NHS, Robotics and Engineering club, and I’m currently getting ready for the upcoming musical, “Thoroughly Modern Millie.”

Q. What are some of your interests or activities outside of campus?

A. I like to collect foreign money and stamps. I also started to volunteer to feed and support the homeless with my mom.

Q. Why do you want to collect the stamps and foreign money?

A. I think it’s a unique activity to spend time on. While collecting, I saw that each country has it’s own individual and distinct money. The stamps are different, too. No matter how small the difference is, I found it fascinating how the small differences can make each stamp unique to themselves.

Q. What made you want to volunteer to feed the homeless?

A. My mother motivated me to consider the people who lives out in the streets as family. I want to make them happy and give them the feeling of comfort wherever they go.

Q. What is your dream for the future?

A. I’ve really come to love animating so my goal is to become an animator for Pixar.

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The School Newspaper of Vista Ridge High School
Random Ranger: Kaylin Tam