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How different cultures celebrate christmas

Amber Vera, News Reporter

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As christmastime approches different cultures celebrate with their family in different ways to prepare for christmas. What your family does may be completly different from what others do. Sophmore Jalayna Culborn says ” My family celebrates both christmas and hanukkah because my family wants me to be able to grow up and chose what religion I want to be apart of.”

When asked what are some traditions she does with her family she said” We alwyas make my great grandmas swedish apple pie, watch christmas movies, read hanukkah stories from out book and we all buy the same pajamas to take family photos on chrismas day” Layna says she loves being able to celebrate both hanukkah and christmas she says she would love to continue this tradition to her own family.

Now as I said different cultures have different celbrations here is one students way to celebrate christmas. Sophmore Beatriz Toledo says  “Me and my family visit brazil every christmas becasuse I dont see my family that often and since my grandparents are divorced I have a huge family” When asked what she does to prepare for christmas she repiled “Well its very crazy because I have to go to each one of my family members house to eat with them and talk to them and it can last up to 6 hours at my aunts house because we just get carried away and we dont notice the time.”

Another student who does celebrates differently is Sabrina Marrero, she says the way her family celebrates is that they all come together and hava a band play for them while they cook and enjoy eachothers company.  ” Every time I think of chrstmas I think of this one time when me and my family use to live in puerto rico.It was very early around 3 am and I heard someone knock on the door and I went down stairs and my dad heard the noise too so he came down too When we opened the door there was a band and all of my dads coworkers! so we all woke up and sarted to make food for everyone!”. As much as we think that someones culture is diferent from ours it really isnt. On

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How different cultures celebrate christmas