Random Ranger: Rambden Ballard

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Random Ranger: Rambden Ballard

Brooke Abramson, Reporter

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Rambden Ballard, 11

What’s the best thing that’s happened to you this year so far?: I’m passing all my classes — that’s always a good thing.

Are you involved in anything here at Vista: I’m in Ready Set Teach.

What’s your favorite thing that you do in that class?: I like going to Reagan and Henry and working with the students there.

What makes you like it so much?: I like going in and working with them, since they’re a lot younger than you and going back and working with them and really getting involved with their classrooms. I don’t want to say “being a role model”– I don’t think that highly of myself; there’s something entertaining about teaching people.

What do you wish people knew about Ready Set Teach?: I wish more people knew it existed. I think there’s not a lot of people in there. I wish people knew how fun it was. It’s a lot more fun than it sounds. It’s entertaining.

What makes it fun?: I guess it varies from person to person. Some people like working with younger age groups and doing more entertaining, more hands-on, kindergarten arts-and-craftsy activities. Some people like being around kids that are a little older and doing some more in-depth stuff. It just kind of varies.

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