Drill team looks for new members to join

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Drill team looks for new members to join

Kennedi Kosh

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The Star Steppers had tryouts on Nov. 27-29, and 27 new people and all of the returners made the team.


“Technically, the audition process started the day that we walked into dance team prep,” freshman Savannah Schroen said. “But, there is a three day tryout. The first day, we learned the two-minute routine that we have to use to tryout. The second day, we had a mock audition. Our parents could come and watch us. Then, the third day we have the real audition in front of four judges. At the end of the night, we found out if we made the team or not.


There is no experience required, but it would be a good thing to have a dance background.


“I started dancing in sixth grade when I took the dance class at Henry,” freshman Sarah Schoppe said. “I knew that I wanted to be a Star Stepper after I realized how much I love dance after being on the middle school dance team and making so many great memories”


In the audition routine, there were many different types of skills, and many types of ways to master those skills.


“Skills like turns and leaps are very common in audition routines,” Schroen said. “This is because it is a basic skill that you need for the team. I have been taking many studio classes, stretching, and really making sure that my technique meets the expectations of the judges and the Star Stepper director.”

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