One, Indivisible: C-Squared sponsors Unity Circle

Constance Holder, Guest Reporter

During the week of Nov. 6-10, C-Squared put up 20 poles in the courtyard, and wrapped colorful yarn around those for the celebration of Unity Day. Each representing something that could apply to someone’s life.

“My favorite part was seeing it from the beginning,” senior and C-Squared member Konnor Kenary said. “Seeing it when the yarn went up to when it ended was incredible. It blew my mind.”

Both the students and C-Squared sponsor, Erin Stott, came up with the idea of getting people involved by making posters and handing out flyers during all three lunch periods.

“I’ve heard throughout the different lunches that people would walk by and think it was really cool to see,” senior Toree Tedder said. “It’s different when someone says that we’re all the same in some way, but to see something you can actually be involved with, and it’s hands-on, you get to see the giant web. It was really cool.”

At the end of the week, the activity was completed, and a colorful web of yarn had been created.

“Since it was up for a whole week, I think people were constantly seeing it and being reminded that it’s still there,” Tedder said. “It was really cool how many people ended up adding on to it and how people got involved. We had a really full web at the end.”


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