Ranger Rundown Raises Bar

Zoe Bollinger, Reporter

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The Ranger Rundown, a student-run news broadcast designed for spreading knowledge about various clubs or other school-related news to the rest of the students.

Sounds helpful, right? It would be, yes. Unfortunately, students groan every time it comes on during Ranger time, or they’ll even laugh at it. Several students don’t even know what it is.

In the eyes of some students, the Ranger Rundown is unnecessary and annoying. The editing is “low quality”, and the anchors don’t know what they’re doing. While the latter might be true occasionally – I say this from experience , the editing is not that bad for students who may have never used a camera or editing software before. I have seen a vast improvement in the production of the broadcast since last year.

Several students in my class had no idea how to use Photoshop or editing software the first day of broadcast. With the help from others, these students developed new skills they didn’t have before. They can successfully design without a trace of confusion.

Broadcast can be complicated. There is a producer, director, teleprompter, camera operator. Anchors are also needed, along with audio workers, graphic makers, and someone to create the moment of silence every day. On top of that, each student is required to make their own news package – a video featuring campus groups or events. A lot of things happen at once.

For me, broadcast has become a way for me to teach and learn at the same time. In my free time, I do a lot of video editing and Photoshop, because that’s what I enjoy. Being in broadcast has allowed me to help other students develop the same skills. Sometimes, however, I don’t know how to do something, and I gain the opportunity to stretch my knowledge. Not to mention, being an anchor every once and awhile has boosted my confidence when talking to others. I’m usually shy, but now I’m more open to conversation and asking questions.

The broadcast is not perfect, but it’s getting better. Next time it comes on, give it a good look and an open mind.

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