Presidential Election Will Go Down in History

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Presidential Election Will Go Down in History

cc: Gage Skidmore

cc: Gage Skidmore

cc: Gage Skidmore

Ashley Mack, Reporter

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The 2016 Presidential Election has taken not only the entire nation by surprise, but the whole world. No matter the winner, this election will go down in history by making Hillary Clinton the first woman president or Donald Trump as the first former reality show star president. The election takes place today, and the eyes of citizens all over the United States along with the world will be watching, waiting to see who is passed the torch of the presidency.

The Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton announced her battle to rule the United States on April 12. The former U.S. Secretary of State has had a great deal of political experience as the former first lady to Bill Clinton and participating in many political campaigns and offices. Her time in office has given her not only experience but also scandal.

Clinton was under FBI investigation for improper handling of confidential documents on a personal email server. However, after multiple lengthy FBI investigations into her email practices while Secretary of State, the FBI decided not to recommend indictment.

The FBI did release plenty of evidence that was fuel for Republicans this campaign season. On July 12, Bernie Sanders officially endorsed Clinton for president, after running against her in the Democratic primaries. Clinton was also endorsed by President Obama and Vice President Biden on June 9.

Clinton’s general views on policy include:

  • providing a pathway to citizenship
  • taxing the wealthy
  • Pro-choice
  • allowing Syrian refugees
  • keeping most of the Affordable Care Act
  • supporting action on climate change
  • tightening gun control laws.

Her counterpart, the Republican nominee, Donald Trump, declared his chaotic fight for presidency on June 16. He was previously Chairman and president of The Trump Organization. Trump is the son of Fred Trump, a wealthy real estate developer. Trump is a successful businessman in his own right. He has flirted with running in the past and appeared at multiple Conservative Political Action Conferences. His brash personality and wealth make him one of the most well-known figures in the country.

Although he was a Republican before 1999, Trump was a registered Democrat from 2001-2009 and previously supported universal healthcare. He was the host of “The Apprentice,” a reality show on NBC. His candidacy for president has been fraught with controversy from his lack of political experience, to his refusal to release his tax returns, and even a flurry of accusations of sexual misconduct. Donald is currently under audit by the IRS for tax evasion, has a court date for sexual assault of a minor and has still not released his tax returns, something unprecedented in modern presidential race history.

Trump’s general views on policy include:

  • respond to gun violence with increase treatment programs for the mentally unstable
  • build a wall across the Mexican border while increasing fees on border crossing cards and deport undocumented immigrants
  • end NAFTA
  • withdraw support from the Paris environmental agreement,
  • doubts manmade climate change
  • reduce taxes
  • opposes abortion
  • do not allow Syrian refugees
  • repeal the Affordable Care Act.

This eventful election will nonetheless go down in history, changing the presidential process and its perception forever. While these are the two major candidates, Libertarian Gary Johnson and Green Jill Stein will also appear on the ballot. If you are eligible, be sure to vote! Polls are open today until 7 p.m. Or, vote on The Word’s online poll on the homepage.

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