‘Silence’: Scorsese’s Stunning Film

Ethan Duarte, Reporter

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Silence, the new film by Martin Scorsese is a stunning comeback after not directing a movie since 2013. He directs the movie very well and gives a feeling of pity and sorrow, and an understanding of God even if you don’t have a religion. The film features Andrew Garfield as Rodrigues, Adam Driver as Garupe and Liam Neeson as Father Ferreira. Based off of religious events in Japan, the movie is not a true story, but still shows the reality of the events that happened.

ScorseseScorsese is the director of films such as Mean Streets, Taxi Driver, Raging Bull, Good Fellas and many other great films. Silence is about Father Ferreira, a Christian priest, who goes missing trying to convert the Japanese. Worried about his safety, his church in Spain sends two more priests, Rodrigues and Garupe, to go look for him. The film traces their journey to find Father Ferreira and the tragedies along the way. The movie is well written, with very good cinematography, and the actors play the characters very well depicting persecution in Japan. The actors in this movie could not have been any better and were the best choices to play the characters.  An important part of the movie is when Rodrigues gives up his religion and is kept by the Japanese where he meets other Christians who have also given up their religion.  

Why and how people were spreading Christianity could have been better explained and gone more in depth. The movie is rated R and is still playing in theaters, and the run time is exactly 161 minutes. I give it a 4.5 out of 5 stars because they should have gone more in depth, and maybe even give more sides to the story, the movie did go in a little detail as to how Japan viewed the religion, but should have shown more. The movie is based off a religious event but doesn’t feel like one. The movie simply shows a priest and his journey through Japan to his eventual end. Even from the one tiny flaw, it is a great work from Martin Scorsese and different from his normal crime movie with new refreshing feeling of historical fiction. He directs very well in this movie and should continue making similar movies. This is a movie that people should see even if they only enjoy action and fast movies.

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