A Musical First

Vanessa Nunez, Reporter

Every year, our school does a musical.

I was unsure if I could commit to something that is so time-consuming. This year, junior year, I decided to give it a shot. I signed up to do crew for this year’s musical “Spamalot.”

Then for two months, we rehearsed endlessly. Even on weekends and days off of school, we were there rehearsing. It took up a lot of time for two months. It was most definitely worth it though. It led me to meet new friends and become closer to the theater department. It also taught me valuable life lessons such as teamwork always leads to getting the job done. We had numerous set pieces to build each requiring hours to make. They ended up being finished in time because everyone who was apart of the crew worked together and made it fun by telling each other crazy stories, learning about each other’s past and making jokes. I spent so many days with the crew we were like a family. We looked out for each other and helped one another when needed. But in the end, everything ran smoothly according to plan.

It was an experience I would want to do all over again. When the last show happened, it was a bittersweet kind of ending. All the work put into the show was worth it. The show brought moments that will stay with me and songs that I  still sing today. I grew bonds with people I’ve never met before. This commitment made me more confident and convinced me to try other things and see where they end up leading me.


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