Random Ranger: Kizaria Wilson

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Random Ranger: Kizaria Wilson

Reid Foster, Reporter

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Kizaria Wilson


How is your year going?

It’s going pretty good I’ve met some cool people.

What are you doing this year aside from regular classes?

I’m taking a graphic design class, a fashion design class, and I’m doing track.

Why are you taking fashion design?

When I was younger I wanted to be a fashion designer so I’m trying to get back in touch with my younger self.

Why did you choose to do track?

I suck at Volleyball, I don’t see myself throwing a ball into a circular hoop, And everyone runs so I chose to take track.

What do you like about track?

I like track because it’s not about competition, it’s about how far you can push yourself.

Why are you taking graphic design?

I’m taking graphic design because it is what I want to do when I get a job, I want to work for Disney, or Pixar and fulfill my dreams.

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