Track’s runners share insight, reflect on sport

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Track’s runners share insight, reflect on sport

Dylan Bush, Reporter

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I sat down for a quick interview with Jeremiah Duclos(10), Hans Roman(10), and Maron Alanis(10) to talk about track and their involvement in the sport. Track is not cross country, most people get that confused. Cross country is running long distances for sport, health, and competition; Track is various amounts activities: “Track and field is a sport which includes athletic contests established on the skills of running, jumping, and throwing.”


What do you like about track?

Duclos: I like talking to people, and running because it keeps me socialized.

Roman: Track can be fun at times. I like hanging out with friends and running distances.


What makes Track hard? And why?

Alanis: Shorter and more intense workouts, because we basically have three track teams: the XC team, football team, and actual track team.

Duclos: Track is hard at first, but eventually you get the hang of it.


What helps you in Track? What makes you better?

Alanis: Workouts in the morning and afternoon pushes me the most.

Roman: I usually run the mile, but trying the 2 miles every now and then helps me.


What makes Track different from, say, XC or regular workouts?

Alanis: Trips are longer, so spending more time with the team.


What is the thing you take the most pride in with this sport? What is the main thing you’ll think of when you remember Track?

Duclos: I’ll always remember going out with my friends, running, and pushing through obstacles together and looking back on what we just achieved. It’s an amazing feeling, and the work pays off.

Alanis: I think I’ll always remember my friends. They push me to do better.

Roman:  I think the trips are the best! There’s nothing like going places and hanging out with friends.


So, when running those long distances, what does your mindset need to be? What mindset do you believe you have?

Duclos: You need to have a strong, willing mindset. With every time you compete, you need to try hard to meet personal goals and place well.

I’d like to think I have a good mindset, but there are always ways to improve. And I think Track and cross country do that.

Alanis: You need to run fast and keep your head in the game! You need to stay focused and do well.

I think I have a good mindset, I run fast.

Roman: You’ve got to run and keep a good pace. I think I do good. I try to get faster, and while doing so, I learn new things each time.


Soon, I will continue my exploration into Track. I’ll dig deeper into what the team does and what it means.

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