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Vista’s Got Talent: Roarke Estrin

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Vista’s Got Talent: Roarke Estrin

Chris Reyes and Noel Vinzon

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Name: Roarke Estrin

Grade:  10th


What is one or more special talent you have?

I guess you can call it a talent, I can yo-yo really well.

When did you first recognize you had this talent?

When the club president, which is my best friend he created the yo-yo club. He asked me to join and I decided that I liked it. So when I started to yo-yo I didn’t know I could do these tricks so easily.  

How long have you been doing this talent?

It has been over a year now.

Does this talent affect you in anyways?

I mean it’s cool to be able to show off in the halls from time to time. It also has gave me more confidence.  

Did you teach yourself how to recreate this talent, or did it just come naturally to you?

It was when the club president showed me how to do some tricks, I also taught myself to do other tricks.

Did it take a long time?

At first, but when I got the basics it got easier.  

Have you ever performed in any talent shows?

No the yo-yo club hasn’t.  

What was your reaction when you could finally do all these tricks?

I was proud of myself because when I went in to it at first, I didn’t think I would successfully do it.

Do you like that you can do something that others can’t and why?

Yeah, because I think it’s cool. Not everybody can do that so it makes me unique.

Do you think will you will do it when you’re older?

It might like a hobby. I think that it would be cool to keep on that path. It’s a great time killer, and it is fun to do it.

Was it challenging learning all those tricks?

It was a lot of practice and muscle memory also the repetition and doing enough times to get it down.

Do you like to show your family?

They think it’s cool, and I like to show off sometimes to them.


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Vista’s Got Talent: Roarke Estrin