Ben Beach Rocks in Hundred Year Storm


Ben Beach

Ben Beach, in the right back corner, with his band for a picture. Together they are Hundred Year Storm.

English teacher II Ben Beach loves Ray Bradberry and rock music. Little do his students know, he loves to perform and has a passion for music. 

“I love music and have loved music, and I found that playing in a band was a good way to enjoy music while spending time with people that I liked,” English II teacher Ben Beach said. “I knew these guys in the band because the previous band I was in played with them a couple of times, so I knew what they were like as people and I knew what their music was like. I knew it would be a good fit and they needed a bass player,” 

The band Hundred Year Storm is a rock band created in 2003 in Austin, TX. Beach started performing with them when they needed a bass player. He played in other bands before so he knew the process of getting gigs and writing music. 

“We were very fortunate in this band, our drummer is very outgoing and loves to talk to people. He loves doing business, so he was the one that was always tracking down the next show and getting ahold of the clubs or premotors and saying ‘Hey here’s our demo. Can we play? When can we play?’ all that stuff,” Beach said. “Most of our best shows came from other bands we met, and if they were already playing there if we could join them or they knew somebody. Those personal connections went a long way with that.”

Hundred Year Storm toured in a trailer and van, performing at any venue they could get a gig.

“There was one night in Tucson, where we played a show and then one of our favorite bands were playing at a different club down the street, so when we were done we went over there and went in the backdoor,” Beach said. “We got to play and then go see one of the bands that were one of our idols.I always remember that one of the greatest experiences we had.”

Beach said he has great memories from playing, and he learned new things from being around other musicians.The music is on the apps Spotify, Amazon and Apple music. 

“Do it because you love doing it, not because you have a goal or something you would like to achieve,” Beach said. “If you are successful, you can make a career out of it, that is fantastic but make sure the reason you are doing it is because you really love doing it.”


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