Christmas Should Be Celebrated Early

While Freshman Margot Becaom is in the mall there are already Christmas decorations and sales going on. There are elves, Santa picture lines and candies for the Christmas season as cinnamon and peppermint smells fill the air all around them. Children are making their wish lists. 

But it is only Nov. 1 and why would they want to celebrate so early?

The holidays are one of the happiest times of the year, and it makes most people feel happier. It creates a sense of family and togetherness. It is proven to make a person calmer and less stressed. It is also the season of giving, so people are usually kinder to each other.


  1. Makes you happier, why not be happy.
  2. You are more likely to donate to a charity. Why not help the less fortunate?
  3. The cookies and sweets, especially right out of the oven.
  4. The music because it is so cheery!
  5. The colder weather for the fuzzy socks.
  6. Starbucks Holiday cups. You know you want one. 
  7. Ugly sweaters to keep you warm.
  8. Making gingerbread houses
  9. Santa! Who doesn’t love Santa!

10.) Holiday cards even from the family members you don’t know.

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