The Rhythm of inTENsity: Star Stepper Spring Show 2013

Regan Fruge', Reporter

On April 18-20 in the auditorium the Star Steppers are having their 10th annual Spring Show. This year the theme is inTENsity highlighting the 10th anniversary of the dance organization. The dance team started off as a team of five in 2003-2004 then in 2005-2006 the team quadrupled into about 20 girls. Now its 2013 and there are 29 dancers, six Star Guards, three managers  getting prepared for their big show of blasts from the past.

“The anniversary is cool because I’ve seen my older sister (now graduated and attending Texas A&M University) perform these dances, and now I have a chance to perform them too. It’s exciting that the alumni will get to re-experience some of the routines they originally came up with,” sophomore line member Emily Tarbet said.

The preparations for Spring Show begin around December because not only do the Star Steppers host the show, but all the dances being showcased are also competed at multiple contests between January and March. The dancers go through a long process of cleaning and polishing dances, which sometimes can cause stress and exhaustion among the team.

“During the cleaning portion of Spring Show everyone can get kind of overextended with pressure, but once Spring Show finally gets her everyone is like a family,” said sophomore line member Lauren Taylor.

Not only does the show include the dance team but also middle school dance teams, participants from the dance clinic the Star Steppers host every year, and special musical performances. Every year the show allows the team to show to all their peers just exactly what it means to be a Star Stepper.

“We have to spend a lot of time together whether it be for dancing or for making decorations. This is what we do. It just something we all love,” said junior 2nd lieutenant Hannah Taylor.

Check out the remaining shows on tonight and Saturday at 7 p.m. with a Saturday matinee at 1 p.m. Tickets are $10 at the door.

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