Trunk or Treat Raises Community Spirits

Raiyan Shaik, Reporter

Claire Harsch 12

Fashion Club


Do you have any theme? Our theme is Project Deadway. So, it’s like Project Runway meets zombies and ghosts and all the undead

How has Trunk or Treat been so far? It’s been pretty good. We’ve had a lot of people coming. There have been some amazing costumes. 

Why did you participate in Trunk or Treat?: It’s been pretty fun and I also think that it’s a great way to get people to know about our club and that there is a fashion club.

What do you do in fashion club?: We learn about the history and trends about sewing, and we get to draw designs.

Since you are in fashion club, what’s your favorite costume so far?: I’ve seen a lot of Anna and Elsa’s which are really cute. 


Charlotte Ronan 12

Key Club


What does Key Club do? We’re a volunteer organization that helps kids get volunteer hours to help strengthen their resumes and build better character.

What is the theme?: We’re Wizard of Oz.

Why did you participate in Trunk or Treat?: We just love celebrating the community and making it a really fun environment for the kids.

What’s your favorite thing about Trunk or Treat?: I just love seeing all the little kids’ costumes and seeing the joy on their faces and how adorable they are. 

What was your favorite costume?: I have seen a Clara from the Nutcracker, and I really liked her. She was beautiful.


Taehee Kim 12

Movie Analysis Club


What do you guys do in the club? We watch lots of movies and analyze different aspects of it. 

Tell me about your theme. It was supposed to be Hollywood movies, but we failed. So, technically, we don’t really have a theme.

Why do you guys enjoy Trunk or Treat? It’s a really fun experience and clubs get to send out the word. It’s also a good way to give back to the community, especially since these children will likely be siblings of the students here. 

Do you have a favorite costume you’ve seen? I’ll say Carmen Sandiego because that was the only Carmen Sandiego that I ever saw in my lifetime. 


Gauri Mishra 10

Girls in Stem


Do you have a theme? Mad scientists.

Why did you participate in Trunk or Treat? We wanted to spread science to children. And the children have to buy their candy answering questions. Based on their grade level, we give them a questions, and if they answer right, they get candy. 

So why do you think a club like Girls in STEM is important? Only 10 percent of students who are girls are in STEM. The world is 50 percent girls, so it’s a little unfair. We think girls should be able to  participate more in things like that. 

Why do you enjoy with Trunk or Treat? You get to hang out with kids and kids are pretty fun.

What is you favorite thing about Trunk of Treat? I think getting to see different clubs and what they do. Also, setting up is pretty fun if you do it with your friends. 


Kyla Wong 10

Swim Team


Do you have any theme? Not really. Our plans got cancelled for the dunk booth, so we kind of had to resort to the inside. 

What do you like about Trunk of Treat? I like the little kids, the festivities, and that it brings a lot of families together. It’s a welcoming community and it doesn’t matter where you’re from. You can always come here and everyone is so welcoming. 

Why did you choose to come to Trunk or Treat? It’s a nice way to bond with the team and a great way to meet new people.

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