Key Club Creates a Campus Community

Raiyan Shaik, Reporter

The room is vibrant with laughter and discussion. Key Club sponsor Caitlin Riedl’s room is full of eager students, creating decorations for the Homecoming Parade. Large pieces of colorful paper cover the floor, nearly tripping passerbys. Students talented in art, calligraphy or design work their magic hands to create beautiful decor to make the parade a bit brighter. 

Key Club is a community service club that participates in school events as well as volunteering opportunities.

“I really love volunteering,” Key Club president, senior Charlotte Ronan said. “I think Key Club is just such a fun way to get those hours, because they’re so beneficial to you in the long run. It’s just a really good community of people to help you achieve those goals.”

Students can join at any time and pay the dues, which are one bag of candy and $20.

“We’re really focusing on getting a lot of members and getting people to understand what Key Club is about,” Ronan said. “We’re just kind of working on setting up for the year, and it’s going really well.”

  Key Club requires 10 volunteer hours per semester and at least one chapter project.

“I would say that, even though it’s volunteering, it can really help you too,” Ronan said. “A lot of people think of volunteering as you’re just giving something away and you don’t get anything in return, but you can get a lot out of your volunteering. It can help getting into college and getting into NHS, as well as just a sense of satisfaction and happiness for working for your school and your community.”

Key Club participates in many events throughout the year, including the Pink Out Game, where funds are collected for breast cancer research, the Homecoming Parade and Trunk or Treat. They also assist with RADD, Key Club Week and Red Ribbon Week.  

“Key Club is definitely important because they help spread positive messages, they help the community, they volunteer, and they’re active on campus,” Riedl said. “All of that creates a great image and a great culture on our campus. We have a really strong leadership team and they’re handling it well.”

Meetings are every other Wednesday after school, in the lecture hall.

“It really is about being a part of the community, helping and doing what’s necessary to help provide for and support those around us,” Riedl said. “It’s a great experience. You get to do great things. You get to meet amazing people and you really become a part of a great group.”

Meeting information is on the Key Club website.

I would say Key Club’s purpose is to help other people live happier lives,” Ronan said. “It’s to make an easier life for people and to include people in your quest to make the world a better place. It think it fosters a culture of being kind to other people, caring about people other than yourself, and working hard towards a common goal that is going to benefit you and others.


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