Passion for Fashion

Fashion Design Club studies all things fashion

One of the many clubs on campus, Fashion Club is for those who wish to learn more about fashion. Senior Claire Harsch is currently running the club, and meetings are held in Amy Kranz’s room, C409, on Fridays during Ranger Time.

Fashion Club partakes in many activities that relate to fashion trends and fashion in general.

“We do activities involving many different aspects of fashion,” Harsch said. “This includes drawing our own ideas for clothes or even costumes, learning about past and present fashion trends, and developing important sewing skills.” 

Many aspects of the Fashion Club are different from the Fashion Design class as the club revolves more around trends and constructing outfits as opposed to creating clothing.

“In Fashion Club, we learn about trends, both present and past, and how to add to your style or pull an outfit together. While elements of design are discussed in the Fashion Design class, these trends are not discussed quite so much” Harsch said.

For those students who are unsure about committing time to a full class, Fashion Club might be for them.

“While the Fashion Design class is every other day and is in your class schedule, Fashion Club meets only once a week during Ranger Time. For those who do wish to commit lots of time to learning about fashion, the Fashion Design class teaches more complex concepts and goes more in-depth into designing and sewing.”

There are benefits to being apart of Fashion Club if fashion trends are something someone enjoys and wants to learn more about

“In Fashion Club, you can learn about trends, sewing, and more, and you get to do a lot of fun activities related to fashion. One of these activities is what I think of as designing challenges; a word or topic will be chosen, and members design an outfit based on that,” said Harsch.

Fashion Club is really simple to join, and there are no fees involved.

“We do ask that members register as a member with the FIDM Fashion Club online so that our club can get grants and remain active, but they are still welcome to come if they do not feel comfortable with this.” Harsch said.

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