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The School Newspaper of Vista Ridge High School

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The School Newspaper of Vista Ridge High School

The Word

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What’s Your Superpower?

Students are talking….
If you could have a superpower what would it be?

Lauden Sharpe (9) – “I would turn people into minions because I would have a lot of people do my work.”

Paige Boulding (11) – “To fly because she could go to places really quickly.”

Michelle Kim (9)  – “I would have intelligence because I would not  have to go to school . I could also invent a lot of things.”

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Preston Barfield (9) – “I would fly because flying is cool I wouldn’t need to spend money on gas.”

Kendall Weigand (10) – “It would be super speed so I could get everywhere super fast and be awesome at everything.”

Briana France (9) – “Mind control so I could make them do anything and get away with it.”

Cameron Danison (9) – “I would like to fly because it sound awesome.”

Daniel Han (9) – “To transport to place so I could go to asia and america really fast.”

Kaitlyn Serna (9) – “To snap her fingers to get anything she wanted.”

Brianah Wallace (10) – “If I could be a superhero I’d want to be invisible so I could spy on people.”

Madison Clark (10) – “I would want to be able to read minds.”

Dalton Marshall (9) – “I would want to have super speed like the flash.”

Stevie Golding (9) – “I would want to be invisible.”

Sarah Dieringer (9) – “I would want super speed.”

Amber Kelly (9) – “I would want the superpower of shape shifter.”

Claeb Timmions (9) – “I would want telekinesis.”

Talee Barns (9) – “I would want to be able to fly.”

Matthew DeAngelis (9) – “I would want to time travel.”

Justin Hale (11) – “Create things out of thin air.”

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