Senior Spotlight

Brandon Lee, Reporter

With June 6 in mind, seniors reflect on their four years in high school while looking beyond to what possibilities to future might bring.

Zac Richards

What has been the most influential class to you?

Probably calculus. Mr. Deram believes in you. He just believes in you and he makes the class worthwhile with his knowledge and he will treat you as, you know, a friend, and as an ally. I really looked to him as a mentor and it has really impacted me positively.

Has Mr. Deram been the most influential teacher to you then?

Mr. Deram has been the most influential person to me because he’s an awesome person and a great teacher with massive intelligence.

What do you want to do in college?

I’m going to get a biomedical engineering degree to use that for med school. Biomedical engineering is a great way to mix all the sciences together, and it’s a great segue into med school. I want to go to Texas A&M. I just really loves the tradition and the spirit there and the great community to learn. I really want to be a doctor because it’s the pinnacle of applied science. I feel like it’s the best way to use intelligence to really help people, and you know, the power of science, it goes towards the power of healing.

Do you think college will be anything like high school? Likewise was high school similar at all to middle school?

I know that college isn’t going to be anything like this. Going from middle school to high school was the biggest thing for me was. There were many options and issues to find yourself in; you weren’t just direct yourself in one little narrow road like in middle school. You get to choose your own adventure and that’s what high school has been for me. A crazy adventure with good people, good teachers, cool friends. More adventurous, wilder road.

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