Improv Club experiences double in members this year

Callie Bordelon, Reporter

The theater department’s improv club led by Clay Watson, Braedon Jones and Maximilian Cleary had an unexpected increase in members this year. With double the members, the three upperclassmen have even set new rules and information for this year’s club.

“Improv club is very self explanatory, it’s a club where you do improv,” Jones said.

Improv is the form of theater, often comedy, in which most or all of what is performed is unplanned or unscripted: created spontaneously by the performers.

It’s very hit or miss,” Watson said. “But we always try to teach them how they can improve at improv.” 

But despite the fun parts of improv, there also seems to be a rather awkward part to it.

“We try to make it high energy and low frustration,”  Jones said. “But that’s difficult, so sometimes it’s low energy and high frustrations.”

The boys teach improv games as a way to expand members’ theatrical abilities to act on the spot in certain given situations. However, it is asked that members are quiet and respectful of other members’ performances. 

“We do like that whoever comes is either actively participating or throwing out suggestions.” Jones said. “We do not like people coming here just to hang out and talk because when that happens we have to limit ourselves to 50 people per meeting.”

The boys said that the best way to flourish in this kind of environment is to be accepting of yourself and be able to adjust to sudden shifts in method acting. However, improv club is always open to newbies who just want to practice for fun. 

“You just gotta be comfortable with yourself to get up and perform, which can be a bit difficult at first,” Jones said. 

Sophomore Jackson Urbach said his favorite game is four square.

“You have four people, and you either shift left or right and there’s a different scene happening between two people with each time you shift you continue where you left off,” Urbach said. 

Sophomore Audra Jones said her favorite is Du Run Run even though a lot of people don’t like it.

“Basically people sing like a little duel melody, and it goes ‘A du run run run a du run run’ and then you say ‘there was this guy, his name was blank’ and in each verse you have to come up with one thing that rhymes with what you said before,” Audra said. “It’s very fun.”

The officers said in order be an official member it’s important to attend improv club meetings, which are often on Fridays. The only thing that must happen is to portal in during Ranger Time. The meetings are held in the Black Box, or room B103.

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