Vista Got Talent: Modeling

Delaney Briggs 


When did you start modeling? Last year, around February.

Why did you decide to become a model? It was something I wanted to do but never had the resources to do it. Now that I do, it’s amazing. 

What were the steps to becoming a model? I didn’t take action to do it. I was surprised that an agency scout came up to me while I was on vacation in Oklahoma.They asked me if I wanted to be [a model]. Once you’re in, then you gotta stay in shape and keep up the look.  

Do you participate in fashion shows? How does it work? I do fashion shows once in awhile, but mostly it’s just photo shoots to keep up my portfolio so that more agencies from like New York or LA can look at me. 

What are some challenges you had when modeling? Agencies like to wait a long time to call you back so it was a few months that I knew I was going to be a model so I would say having patience. 

What model do you look up to and why? Kaia Gerber because she has accomplished so much at 19 years old. She is a nice and kind person, and she uses her modeling in a motivational way. 

Do you hope to pursue modeling after high school as a career and why? Yes, because it’s a very unique thing to tell someone. I love it because of the connections and places you get to go to like I have friends that go to Tokyo for modeling stuff. So the places you go and the people you meet and the fun experiences you get to have. Also, just to be able to say to someone that I’m a model.

What is your favorite part of modeling and why is it? The places to go because you get to take new adventures.

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