Senior Adapts to a New Environment for her Last Year of High School


Dana Kim, Reporter

Returning to in-person learning while moving to a new state, senior Vianka Lechadores starts fresh for her last year of high school. 

“Moving senior year was interesting,” said Lechadores. “It wasn’t that hard, but it wasn’t easy either.”

Throughout her move from California, Lechadores has come across some hardships as she also transitions from virtual to in-person learning. 

“It’s so much harder to do actual work in a classroom, with people talking, and noise coming everywhere,” said Lechadores. “Making friends was the easy part, but finding a group where I fit in was another thing.”

Despite these struggles, Lechadores has learned some valuable lessons through the past year.

“There were so many distractions, but virtual school taught me some time management skills,” said Lechadores. “As for fitting in, I just stayed me, and I like the people I got to know because of it.”

Lechadores adjusts well to the environment of our campus as she continues to work through senior year. 

“I made a friend in Statistics, and we clicked instantly,” said Lechadores. “Knowing that I had a friend made me excited to go to school because it was a reminder that I wasn’t alone through my high school experience.”

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