Lights of Love 5K

Sierra DeBakey, Reporter

       The Lights of Love 5k was on Dec. 8 and raised money for the Ronald McDonald House. The Ronald McDonald House, next to Dell Children’s Hospital in Austin is an apartment-like complex that is set up for the parents of sick children who are in the hospital for extended periods of time. These parents usually either live far away from the hospital or have young children, and they do not have the financial resources to stay in hotels.

    Every year NJROTC volunteers their time to help put on this event. NJROTC is the only group under the age of 10 allowed to work the event.

“Cadets will continue volunteering every year because this is an awesome charity, and we love supporting them,” NJROTC instructor Master Chief Turner said.

     About 35 cadets loaded onto a bus and rode to the Ronald McDonald House across the street from Dell Children’s Hospital. Most cadets served as markers with hot chocolate and water for those who ran the race.

“This year I helped with the setup and teardown of the event. I lifted tables and moved fences and did anything else I was asked to do,” cadet Ethan Egerter said.

    This year cadets helped with the setup and teardown. Some also helped with registration and giving runners guidance as to where to go.
Last year, it took four minutes for all runners to make it past the starting line, and this year it took 10.

Cadets helped the Ronald McDonald House raise $250,000.

“Helping at this event made me feel like I actually did something to positively affect the event, and not just stand on the sidelines,” cadet JT Devenport said.

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