DECA prepares for service project with ‘Alex’s Lemonade Stand’

Jadon Porter


Sponsor Charlotte Carr: DECA is a world-class organization that prepares leaders for their future. Students who join DECA learn valuable life lessons on communities, professional responsibility, and competition. Here at Vista Ridge our chapter has experienced success, we have had multiple top 10 finalists at internationals for the past four years. Our competitors learn what it means to have perseverance, focus, and determination. This year’s community service project is partnering with “Alex’s Lemonade Stand” to raise funds for childhood cancer.


Maddie Jablon, one of the members participating in the fundraiser answers questions about their project.

What does the project entail?

Maddie Jablon: “Alex’s Lemonade Stand” is an organization that was created based off a little girl’s idea. She was battling childhood cancer, she wanted to help other kids who had the same thing she had, and she started a lemonade stand. She wanted to donate the money she got from it to research. After she lost the battle, her parents and the community around her that she inspired, continued the lemonade stand. Now there is a foundation, “Alex’s Lemonade Stand,” and it’s bigger and more people are involved. They have their own fundraisers including lemonade stands, which still generates the same idea she had.

What is your role?

Maddie Jablon: The community service team in the DECA chapter contacted “Alex’s Lemonade Stand,” and said we wanted to help and support them. They were very happy because each person that helps is good for other people and working for the cure for cancer. They always say, “kids helping other kids.” They’re very happy that three kids at Vista Ridge High School want to help other kids. We were sent a package for extra information with posters to help spread awareness. We have been very successful with it so far.

How does this fundraiser mean to you personally?

Maddie Jablon: People in my family have battled cancer so I am very passionate to spread awareness and work for a cure. I love helping others, and I enjoy having a group project and working with others in the community around me.

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