Cadets Attend Seadragon Drill Meet

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Cadets Attend Seadragon Drill Meet

Mary Keef, Reporter

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The Seadragon Classic Drill Meet was held at Southwest High School in San Antonio on Dec. 1. The Lonestar Company NJROTC competed with more than 30 other NJROTC units.

“The schedule is different every drill meet, and different teams perform at different times to allow the other teams to prepare,” sophomore Colby Doran said.

The teams have to get up early to be able to travel the distance to San Antonio, leaving them very little time to prepare, luckily the only thing that needs preparing for competition is their uniforms.

“I woke up at 3:30 in the morning,” Sophomore Melissa Mcqueen said. “The only thing that had to be done was putting all of my gear and uniform in a bag.”

The judges looked for peak performance in all the teams, making sure their teams reach their full potential when performing takes a lot of work, but after the judges careful scoring, it will all pay off.

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