3D Modeling Team Wins Skills USA Regional Contest

Andre Covian, Reporter

Senior Grace Danis and her 3D modeling teammates all advanced to state on Feb. 2. They will compete at state in April in Corpus Christi.

How well did you feel you did in the animation competition?

“I knew we did better than the other team. I was pretty  confident in what we had done. The other team wasn’t really prepared. They were using Blender which is inferior to Maya. They didn’t even do any rigging in their set up; it was pretty simple. They hadn’t even animated it.”

How did you feel about your competitor model’s?

“Everyone worked really hard on their thing, and you can tell. They looked good”

Was there any surprise to the competition?

“That it wasn’t organized as it was supposed to be. We got there at 9 o’clock and thought we were late and the competition itself didn’t even start till 9:50 because the guy got called down to watch us animate for four hours.”

Was there setbacks to making your model?

“Well I can’t speak for anybody else, but at least with mine I didn’t even know I was competing in the rendered image till the week of… luckily I found something from before to compete with.”

So since everyone is advancing to state do you have any plans on redoing your model?

“Definitely the texture of the bike wheel, and creating a more interesting setting for the bike”


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