Homecoming Adds Up


Mia Beacom, Reporter

Homecoming is a very exciting part of the year and a great way to show school spirit. The average amount spent on homecoming per person is $400. This counts for the outfit, shoes, hair, makeup, nails, food, ticket to game and dance and mum. It is not a surprise so much money is spent on this event. 

Mum costs can vary, but the average cost is $40 unless students recycle their mum from last year.

“In the past to make my mum, it was $50, but in floral design we are making mums,”  junior Cassidy Janda. 

Choosing what to wear is a part of homecoming that can cost up to the most money. The average spent on an outfit is $100, and the average for shoes is $80. That is around a half of the average cost of homecoming. Janda said her dress cost around $58.

“My dress cost 70 dollars,” freshman Julia Trimble said. 

Getting ready for homecoming takes time and lots of money. If a person wants to get their makeup, hair and nails done, it can cost on average $150. 

The tickets to get into the actual events of homecoming are the cheapest things on the list. A ticket to the game costs $8 and a ticket to the dance costs $20.

Homecoming can get pricey. Make sure to budget well, and it is okay if you do not get the most expensive outfit or shoes. Also, make sure you have fun at your Saturday Night Fever Homecoming 2019.

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