Cadets Get New Ranks at Annual Pinning Ceremony

Cadet Boes gets his promotion at the annual NJROTC pinning ceremony on Oct. 9. The ceremony recognized new ranks and achievements.

Dana Kim, Reporter

The Lonestar NJROTC unit hosted its annual pinning ceremony on Oct. 9 to congratulate and acknowledge cadets who have earned ranks through their grades, dependability and leadership. 

“Receiving a rank is a testament to a cadet’s hard work and dedication,” senior commanding officer Emily Toro said. “Feeling the pride radiate from our parents and peers, the ceremony leaves a feeling of fulfillment.”

Parents of the cadets have the honor of pinning their new ranks, that are representative of a cadet’s achievement, on the uniforms after the cadets test to determine their ranks. 

“The senior naval science instructor, Commander Hamblet, welcomes parents to a new school year. Parents, friends and fellow cadets are called forward to pin their cadets,” Toro said. “The pinning ceremony also serves as a fundraising event through a silent auction for baskets that are crafted by each platoon of our company.”

To be part of JROTC, cadets must attend as many events as possible to higher their ranks and take care of more duties. 

“Earning achievements for doing good in JROTC is the best feeling,” sophomore Cayden Alexander said. “It is important to me because it shows that I have put hard work to earn my new ranking.”

Despite all of the dedication required of the students, the cadets find it quite rewarding when their hard work pays off at the ceremony. 

“The most rewarding feeling through the whole ceremony is dismissing the cadets,” Toro said. “We dismiss together yelling the Navy core values: honor, courage and commitment. “You can then get to see the joy alight on their faces as they race back to their families.” 


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