Taxidermy Art Project Q&A

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Taxidermy Art Project Q&A

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Madeleine Jablon, 10

What is the project about?

“The goal of this project was to sort of mock taxidermy. We used paper mache, like newspaper and tape to make animals.”


What animal did you choose to make?

“I chose to make a walrus.”     


What pushed you to choose this animal?

“I kind of wanted to try something that no one else would think of, but now that I look around there are a few walrus.’”


What would you say was/is the most difficult part of this project?

“In the beginning you have to make the structure for the rest of the project to go smoothly and be sturdy, so if you don’t have enough newspaper to keep the animals shape then it will fall in the next steps.”


What was your favorite part of the project?

“I’m enjoying the painting of the project because it’s where the difference of the animals comes in and you can define your animals with the paintings, because one person can see a dog, and another can see a bear, so the painting is the part that really turns the project into something.”


What advice do you have for anyone doing this project in the future?

“For anyone doing this in the future, I would say to focus on the base of the project because that is by far the most important part when creating a successful piece.”

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