Random Ranger: Eric Odlum


Reid Foster, Reporter

When did you think of wearing this costume? What made you dress up in the  American costume?

Eric Odlum 10: “I’d know from Monday that game day would be America day, and I knew I had it in my closet. So I thought, why not just bring it out?”

Have you worn it before at a game?

Odlum: “Not to a game, no. It has been mainly pj’s.”

How did you find the outfit?

Odlum: “I honestly can’t remember, I got it awhile back, somewhere in 7th grade. It was an impulse buy.

Do you have any other outfits you wear to games?

Odlum: “No, not right now. I really haven’t really thought about it, but I might, I might bring a couple out.”

Why is it important to you to show team spirit?

Odlum: “Well I’m on football myself, so it feels important to me that I should be cheering on the varsity team, in any way possible. And if that means dressing up with a little American onesie, then that is what it takes.”

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