Random Ranger: Cameron Langlois

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Random Ranger: Cameron Langlois

Skylar Treat, Reporter

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Cameron Langley, 12th grade

What is the craziest thing that has happened to you thing year? “Probably going to the first scrimmage that was pretty tight. There was a lot of stuff going on there. There were so many people, it was all packed.”

What was the best part of the scrimmage?: “My favorite part was probably hanging out with everyone because there was so many cool people I knew there.”

What extracurricular activities are you in? “I do a lot of sports outside of school. In school, I take part in a lot of clubs like the science club. I do a lot of work with theatre tech.”

What do you like about theater tech? I like working with all the props and designs; it’s really a lot of fun. Getting able to create all of that stuff for theatre is a really enjoyable experience.”

What do most people not know about theater tech? “What most people don’t know about theater tech is it’s really a lot of fun. Most people just think it’s just setting up the lighting software when really it’s about creating the props for the plays.”

What is your best experience doing all of your extracurriculars? “Working with other people and doing all the art would be the best part. Also, my favorite thing would be bonding with everyone else in theater tech. And getting to know the community around you.”

 What is one thing about high school you will never forget when you graduate? “ The thing I will probably miss the most would probably be the laughs that we have had. And all the work we have put in and the outcome.”

How is high school different then what you expected? “At first I expected myself not to interact with a lot of people and not to join clubs and just fly through without any problems, just me doing my part and getting it over with. But it definitely changed me. I’m more outgoing and energetic than I used to be.”

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