Random Ranger: Kianna Kapa

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Random Ranger: Kianna Kapa

Grace Robertson

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Kianna Kapa 9th grade

How did you get into playing golf?: “My parents said that whenever I was a kid they saw this DVD that had sports on it, and one of the sports was golf and that one was discontinued because nobody was interested in golf, so my parents bought it and gave it to me, so I could learn to play.”

How is golf going so far?: “It is going pretty good. I am a captain for the girls varsity/JV since we don’t have enough girls for two teams. We had our tournament last Tuesday which went well because we got first place.”

Can you elaborate on how the tournament went?: “We got six under which would be a 65, which is good. We got seven birdies but we got one bogie; we also had two other chances for birdie and two other chances for eagle, not that anybody would know that because they don’t know golf terms, but they are good things to get.”

How do you like the overall golf experience here at Vista?: “Golf is great. I get to basically leave school early to go to the golf course.”

How can golf help people make more friends?: “Well if you’re doing a scramble, you’re forced to spend five hours with that person, but it isn’t that bad because scrambles are actually really fun. Also, golf practice is too, but I will admit golf can get pretty boring if you’re just practicing by yourself but with friends, it is like really fun.”

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