Cedar Park Girls Lacrosse Season Begins


Mia Beacom, Reporter

Cedar Park Girls lacrosse team season has started.The girls record so far has been 2-2. The team has roughly three practices during the week and at least one game during the week. 


“We were close in the last game against Bowie, who beat Vandegrift. It was just an off game for our first game, but everything else has been going pretty well,” senior Katelyn Acosta said. 


Acosta is one of the four captains for this season. As her teammates would say, she is a leader on and off the field. 


The girls have been working since Sept. for their 2020 season. Practices consist of conditioning and drills to make their stick skills better. They went to two preseason tournaments, Aggieland and ATX Tune Up. 


“Our season has been going pretty well so far. We’ve honestly been struggling a little bit with our loss of seniors from last year,”  sophomore Miranda King. “We have managed to pull it together a couple of times for some of our games. I am very proud that we pulled off a win against Lake Travis.” 


The girls  continue to create an offense that will make them successful on the field. King is sure that the plays and motions that as a team they have created will work on the tougher teams.


Acosta said how she is hopeful that her team will be able to make it to playoffs this year. She hopes that as a team they can keep their intensity and competitiveness on the field to reach this goal.

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