Random Ranger

Chris Reyes

Ana Navarrete


How is your 10th-grade year so far? “Good my grades are good, I’m trying this year. I’m most happy is that my friends are in my A day classes and they help me a lot. My friends help me understand my teachers because I don’t really understand English so well.”

What is something you are struggling with this year? “I’m trying not to get in trouble and I’m actually going to my classes and not skipping so I can graduate and not have to owe hours.”

So what classes do you like so far and why? “I love my English class because my teacher Ms. Pollack she helps me more than my other teachers do. She makes me feel like she carries and that won’t mind if I ask questions.”

What is something you hope will last for the rest of the year? “I hope to have my grades good for the rest of the year. I hope that my confides doesn’t go down this year and that I succeed and don’t fail.”

Has anything changed for you this year? “I enjoy school more because I mostly have my friends in my classes.”

Did you seat a goal this year? “Well, one of my goals is to write better. So when I have to give a speech and have to write a story or a poem. Also my spelling sometimes my world don’t sound right.”

Did you do anything cool this summer and why? “I went to Galveston, then I went to the beach. I boogie board. I got to spend time with my family, so that’s what made it great because we hadn’t had any time to get along and do stuff as a family. My family and I have been distance and I wanted that to change that and I gotta do it in Galveston,. I will never forget about that day.”

What is something you overcame this summer? “I overcame my speech. Where I can speak English a lot better. But you can hear my Spanish accent.”

What is something that makes you feel different from others? “What makes me feel different is my high because I like feeling short it makes me feel proud that just because I’m not tall and I can’t do it but yet I can still succeed without people telling me different.”

 Is there anything that you want to join? “I want to join C2. That club is about diversity and that what other kids should learn about. So they don’t be close-minded and know there are people that are different and you don’t have to be like everyone else. So I just think I would do great in that club.”

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