Winter break trips

Ahmod Daherker 11th

For winter break, I went to India. When I made it to India, the first thing I noticed was that It smelled like the ocean. I was there for about three weeks and I was also there for a wedding.The trip mostly consisted of being with friends and family. Its incredibly different from here. What made the trip fun was, I got to hang out with some friends and do my own thing. winter in India is pretty much summer due to the difference in the atmosphere.One thing most people dont know about India is that is not as tropical as most people think it is. It is more of a desert than a tropical area. The weather is actually very nice when its around autumn or winter. One of the most unbelievable things that happened during my trip was, I went on a weekend trip with a couple of my buddies and I got swarmed by four monkeys trying to take my sprite. The monkeys are savages in India. One thing I miss is the authentic food. When I came back home, the food tasted kind of bland compared to the food I had in India. On the way back, our connection flight was through Dubai and it only rains twice a year there and when me and my family were there, it happened to start raining. That was one of the coolest phenomenons i witnessed on my flight back home.

Taylor Davis 11th

For winter break, I went to go visit my family In Mississippi. The first thing I noticed when I arrived at my destination was that the roads were very bumpy and that It was a rough ride. I visited my family and got to see my grandparents farm and I got to play with the baby goats. The weather in Mississippi was very rainy and cloudy. There wasn’t a whole lot of sun when I visited. One of the most exciting things I witnessed during my trip to Mississippi was a baby goat getting birthed. I named the baby goat “Nugget”. One thing I will never forget was seeing the baby goat being birthed and getting to go visit some really cool places like the birth home of Elvis Presley. One impact I would say this trip made was that It made me appreciate seeing my family that I dont get to really see that often.

Riley Schulz 11th

I went to California for winter break with my family. The first thing I noticed was the countless amount of palm trees I saw when I arrived. It was hot the day I arrived so I would say the weather was really nice for the most part. The beach was really cold.


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