NJROTC Lonestar Company Completes Annual Military Inspection

Senior: Operations Officer – Cadet Lieutenant Junior Grade Eileen Yoo

The NJROTC Lonestar Company participated in the Annual Military Inspection on Nov. 18th at Gupton Stadium. The cadets showed their drilling and knowledge performance for the Guest Inspector and Recruiters, and the unit will be rated against all other units in Texas.

How does it feel knowing it’s you last Annual Military Inspection of the year?

Knowing it was the last AMI I would do, it really put into perspective that the end of my high school years are coming. It made me realize I’m going to miss NJROTC at Vista a lot after I graduate, and I should really cherish these kinds of events while I can still experience them.

How did you feel during the actual event?

Throughout the event, I felt a little bit nervous for some parts like inspection and giving a presentation, because I wanted those things to go perfectly. But when those things were over I felt relieved and proud of what our unit was able to execute.

How did you prepare for AMI this year? 

Preparation started a few weeks before the event, because I had to make a presentation to give, and then we had a practice with the whole unit the two days leading up to the event, to practice the event as a whole.

What is something you still struggle with in AMI?

Something I still struggle with is getting over some of the nerves before and during the event.

What was your favorite memory about AMI?

Being able to participate as an officer for my final AMI

What’s something you will never forget about AMI?

Being chosen for a Bravo Zulu medal due to the nomination of the event’s guest, Captain Koss. 

Why does AMI help you for your future?

AMI helps prepare for my future by getting me used to preparing things in advance and managing time so nothing is last minute, and everything is ready on time.

What lesson did you learn from AMI? 

Practice makes perfect, and that’s why it’s important to rehearse & prepare for important events like this ahead of time, and get sufficient practice in.

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