Random Ranger: Arden Eagle

Random Ranger: Arden Eagle, 9th Grade


How is your school year going right now?: So far so good, been really busy though.


What have you been busy with?: Schoolwork, I have really bad time management skills, need to work on that. 


If you had to give advice to someone about time management what would it be?: Do your schoolwork first, get the important stuff done that’s due the next day, and then work on the other things.


What are you involved in on campus?: Choir, I do choir and I’m in psych club, and I want to do creative writing club.


That sounds really cool, I used to do choir in middle school, so what made you interested in that, and creative writing?: Well choir I’m interested in it because I love to sing and creative writing, I love to write.


What are your hobbies and interests? I assume it’s something to do with on-campus: I like to play sports, I like to play soccer, I like to listen to music and sing music, I like to read, I like to write.


I really like music too. Do you have a certain genre, and does music make you feel a type of way when you listen to it?: I like all music, my favorite is happy music, cause that gets you upbeat and ready for the day. 


What is the best thing that you’ve written for creative writing?: Probably Harry Potter spinoff stories.


What’s the worst thing that you’ve written for creative writing?: A personal essay.


What would you say that you feel differently when writing something personal versus writing something you have to do for school?: Writing something personal is more interesting and more fun. It gets me in the mindset of, “oh I get to do this, I get to do that”. For school, it’s like, “you have to be careful with what you say, cause it’s going to get documented.”


What will you never forget about the clubs that you are into right now?: Probably the environment you are in, it’s such good energy.


Would you say that the environment in your clubs is better than the environment in your classes?: I mean, probably, cause we are all into the same things, and there’s no judgment cause you guys are doing the same thing and talking about the same thing.

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