College Application Checklist

Catherine Rogers, Editor


  • Make a list of the universities you wish to apply to
  • Do research on the institution (majors/degree programs, housing, tuition, honors programs, etc.) using the collegeboard website or any other source
  • Take note of regular & early application deadlines
  • Try to visit the campuses of the listed universities
  • Optional Meet with a College Admissions Counselor at the university to ask questions, receive advice, etc.


  • Draft the required college essays for each university (i.e. Essay A, Essay B, etc.)
  • Have friends/family/teachers read your essay & offer advice
  • Revise your essays


  • Apply to each university using the applytexas (in-state, public universities) or the Common App (out-of-state &/or private universities) application (this may take several days or weeks)
  • Pay application fee



  • Fill out a brag sheet (found in the counseling office)
  • Request 2-3 recommendation letters & send to each institution (teacher, counselor, etc.)
  • Send high school transcript to each institution using Parchment
  • Optional Make a resume of your extracurricular activities, achievements, etc.


  • Fill out & submit the FAFSA (parent aid is necessary)
  • Research financial aid/scholarship opportunities
  • Apply for financial aid/scholarships
  • Confirm TSI readiness
  • Confirm receipt of application materials
  • If required document missing, submit it immediately (your application is not fully complete until all needed documents have been submitted & received by the institution)
  • Once you have submitted your application, track it by activating your account (i.e. MyStatys, goBaylor, etc.)
  • Make copies of all application materials for your records


  • Receive admission letter & financial aid letter
  • Compare college offerings & make a decision
  • Respond to college you plan to attend & the colleges you decline
  • Send deposit
  • Send final high school transcript using Parchment


  • Keep track of all of your usernames & passwords with a notebook (or you will be overwhelmed by the numerous accounts you will have to create).
  • Organization is key to survival!
  • Don’t be afraid to contact the freshman admissions office at the institution if you have any doubts & questions. This also shows the university that you are highly interested in becoming a student there.
  • Work hard & don’t give up, your efforts will be repaid in the end once you accept to attend your dream college!
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