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Senior Spotlight: Brandon Taylor

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Brandon Taylor 

Q: Plans after high school?

A: I plan to go Labette Community College to play college basketball and transfer after a year to a big D1 University to play basketball full time.

Q: High school highlights?

A: My highlights are definitely getting to spend home games with my team and attending other sporting events to support them like how they supported me.

Q: What is something you will always remember?

A: I’ll always remember the bond I had with my teammates. We have spent four years together, some new people coming in and some of the same people.

Q: What advice would you give your freshmen self?

A: The advice I’d give my freshmen self would to not and try to be like everybody expects you to be. I really didn’t, but I saw my friends trying so hard to fit into something that wasn’t really important. My advice would to be to be yourself because their isn’t another “you” out there, so why try and change yourself?

Q: If money didn’t matter, what would you do after high school?

A: I would study and major in Architecture, Architecture Engineering, Economic Science and Physical Health. These classes are important to me because I would plan to invest into a business or corporation.

Q: Is there something you would have done in high school that you didn’t?

A: I honestly wish I could have enjoyed the little things more often like the excitement for supporting my team and being around the people who make me, me.

Q: What do you value in life?

A: I value love, happiness, strength, dreams and respect. Wherever you go people are going to try and bring you down. I’m a big believer that everybody has their weaknesses and strengths, but that doesn’t give you a reason to bring someone down just because you think you are better than them. Strength goes a long way for me because basketball has shown me that regardless if we win or lose, nobody will break this bond that my team and I have.

Q: Where so you see yourself in five years?

A: I see myself pursuing my dreams graduating from college and getting into a D1 League to play basketball. If basketball doesn’t work out, I’d pursue my major in Architecture and Physical Health.

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