Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

Juliana Castro, Reporter

Halloween is here. Are you struggling to come up with a costume idea? Forget until today and need a costume for a party? Well, here’s a list of some last-minute costume ideas that you could put together!

Our first idea is Frosted Animal Cracker. What you will need is pink or white clothing (pants and shirt or dress), multicolored pom-poms, a pink or white headband, and pink or white felt to make animal ears. A glue gun is needed for this idea. Once you obtain some pink or white clothing, take a glue gun and glue some multicolored pompoms to the clothing to act as sprinkles. Next, get some pink or white felt and cut out two shapes that resemble animal ears (whatever animal you want). After you cut the shapes out, take the glue gun and glue the felt to the headband. Glue some of the pompoms mentioned earlier to the ears and you have a Frosted Animal Cracker costume for the Halloween season.

If the typical costume idea is not for you, then this next idea is for you. All you need for this idea is a white shirt and some black iron-on letters and numbers. Arrange the letters and numbers to say “Error 404: Costume Not Found” and place them on the shirt. Grab an iron and iron the letters onto the shirt according to the directions on the package of iron-on letters and you’re done.

This idea is for the pun lovers out there. Our next idea is for your little pet our there if you give them a costume. What you need for this idea is a pet pumpkin costume, a white trash can, and a black permanent marker. Now, once you obtain the trash can, write on it for it to look like a coffee cup. If you have a small dog, you can make a pup-kin spice latte, or if you have a cat, you can make a pumpkin cat-ppuccino.

Our fourth idea is for the fruit lovers out there. That’s right, our next costume idea is for a pineapple! This costume will need a yellow shirt, green pants, and a black fabric marker. A headband and green felt can be used to make the leaves of pineapple if you really want to get into the pineapple character. The one-step for this costume is to draw some v’s up and down the shirt to resemble the pineapple leaves and that’s it! If you want to make the headband, you just need to cut up green felt in the shape of pineapple leaves and hot glue them to a green headband and your pineapple costume is looking fresh.

Our next idea is also a pun-based costume. You will need a black and white striped shirt, a red scarf, and brown, tan, and yellow felt. A black hat will also work. Cut out the brown and tan felt into the shape of bread and make the tan one slightly smaller than the brown one. Cut the yellow felt into a square and glue all the felt pieces together and voila! You are French toast for Halloween.

Finally, an idea for a female group costume. All you will need is red aprons, red hats, and pins. Print out pictures of various spices and pin them to the aprons. Put the aprons and hats on and like magic, you’re the Spice Girls

I hope these ideas are helpful for those who struggle with costume ideas or wait until the last minute. Happy Halloween!


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