Soccer: Zach Huebschman


Sahiti Karumuri

1. How long have you been playing soccer and how did you get into it?

“Eight years, since elementary school. My family got me into playing soccer when I was seven, and my older sister started playing, I enjoyed playing with her so I joined her league .”

2. Why do you like playing soccer and what position do you play?

“I enjoy playing a sport that is fast paced and involves a lot of competitive team play. I usually play left defense or left midfield and I enjoy the position because it allows me to use my left foot which I’m dominantly left-footed so it’s easier for me to play and I also enjoy playing midfield because it allows me to cross ball and shoot on goal and I enjoyed the attacking from the side.”

3. Do you want to play soccer in college?

“Yes. I want to play college soccer because I just enjoy soccer and I want to continue to play it for the rest of my life and I think college is a good way to continue on.”


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