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Meant To Be Great

Senior Will Hines Shares His Joy For Theater and Future Plans
Kendall Trujillo
Seniors TJ Kuehn and Will Hines perform the halftime show at the Blue Santa game on December 15 to honor our former principal, Paul Johnson.
Will Hines poses for our senior superlative yearbook spread where Hines won the ‘Most Likely To Be On Broadway” Award voted on by his peers. (Amelia Wilkinson)

When somebody thinks of Vista Ridge Theater, a few people probably come to mind. One of those people is Will Hines, lieutenant of the improv club, ITS improv winner, and actor extraordinaire. 

“I started theater at Henry Middle school,” Hines said. “It was fun and helped me transition into high school theater.”

The transition wasn’t that easy though. Like every other senior their freshman year, Will had to deal with Covid-19. 

“It was weird. Some days were more challenging, especially the in-person days, and I overall got lazier.” Hines said. “Theater especially was a little weird. Acting while staying 6 feet a part is definitely different.”

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Will committed to theater for all of his high school years. He participated in nearly every single show across all four years of high school, which is rivaled only by a few people currently in the department. 

“I’ve been in theater since middle school, and since freshmen year in high school. It’s hard to say how much it has affected me because its affected me so much,” Hines said. “I owe a lot of my time and my life to theater, and honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Being on stage and performing – nothing compares to that rush.”

Being an actor gives a lot of moments, times when hundreds of people’s eyes are on you and you alone, which is not for the faint of heart. Will has had dozens of moments over the years with every type of show. He was Mr. Cladwell for Urinetown, the main antagonist, Max in The Play That Goes Wrong, Multiple roles in Shipwrecked, and so many more. 

“My favorite theater memory was the opening night of The Play That Goes Wrong. Seeing all the silliness and wild antics that we’ve been working on, and the audience loving it, made my entire year,” Hines said. “Plus being in the role of Max was an absolute dream. Making the audience laugh and clap just by doing the same bit like 3 times was amazing.”

For some people, the final show for their theater career is in high school, and they move on to something different for the rest of their careers. 

“I’m planning to go to Texas State for Theatre,” Hines said. “I’m really looking forward to it. It’s a pretty good theater program, and I know a few people who are also going to Texas State. Hopefully, I have a great time and get to do a few more shows.”

The spotlight doesn’t end here for Will Hines. While he had a great time on the Vista Ridge stage, we are sure to see him on even bigger stages, with bigger crowds, and roaring applause. 

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About the Contributor
Nick Chang, Staff Reporter
Nick Chang is a senior and is excited to be a part of News Media this year. This is his second year working with VRHS News Media. Nick is also a part of Vista’s Theater and an active member of Drama Club. Outside of school, Nick enjoys writing, reading, video games, and going hiking. Nick can't wait to share the school's stories with the world.

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